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Healthful yogurt for children and adults

About Us

Sprouting from Healthful Roots

Since the late 1960s, White Mountain has been shaped by the Murray family’s passion for health-conscious living, guiding our mission to craft organic, minimally processed yogurt. This commitment is deeply rooted in the tradition of Bulgarian yogurt, known for its natural probiotic richness and exceptional quality.

“I created White Mountain Foods the way I lived my life. It was not about the money. It was and is about creating and sustaining right livelihood through honest and productive work that enhances individual and community life. My heart was in it. I created delicious health food for a family dinner table. This is our core value.”

Reed Murray

Our Team + Our Family

At the heart of White Mountain Yogurt lies a story of family, tradition, and a passion for wholesome living. It’s always been more than a business – it’s a family legacy, deeply rooted in our founder’s dedication to healthy living and family.

Today, as the company continues to flourish under family leadership, every jar of yogurt we produce is a testament to our enduring commitment to these principles, nurtured from one generation to the next.

1950s - 60s

It all started with Robert Reed Murray, the future founder of White Mountain, born in Houston, Texas. When the Murray family moved back to Texas from California, they ignited a passion for healthier eating, planting the seeds for White Mountain’s future.


The Murray brothers, Reed included, embrace vegetarianism, a move that leads them to Good Food People, Inc. in Austin. Here, their culinary exploration kicks off, brewing the early batches of what would later evolve into White Mountain Yogurt.


Reed Murray takes a leap, founding Purist Foods, Inc., and bringing White Mountain Yogurt under its wing. From delivering yogurts in a modest pickup to introducing a range of vegetarian delights, the brand begins to carve its niche.

Organic yogurt in jars


Reed delves into an array of plant-based products, experimenting with tofu, yogurt cheese, and more. Jeff Murray steps in, injecting a dose of modernity into operations and achieving USDA Organic Certification, elevating the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability.


Jeff Murray takes the reins, zooming in on yogurt production, widening the brand’s reach, and bringing White Mountain Yogurt to a broader audience.

Naural superfood yogurt for gut health


The brand undergoes an eco-friendly transformation, introducing an Organic product line and securing Non-GMO certification, while maintaining its iconic glass packaging, balancing tradition with eco-consciousness.

Owner enjoying yogurt with his children


Hannibal Murray steps into the CEO role, adeptly steering White Mountain through the tumultuous waters of a global pandemic, keeping the brand’s standards and spirit alive.

High probiotic yogurt is good for people and animals


Today, White Mountain Yogurt stands proudly as a blend of innovation, tradition, and environmental ethos. Celebrating a journey that started in a Texas kitchen, it continues to offer a taste of wholesome, family-inspired goodness to tables everywhere. 🌾🍶