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High probiotic yogurt is good for people and animals


Billions of Probiotics, No B.S.

Experience the impact of White Mountain, crafted with over 90 billion CFU’s per serving to nurture and support your gut health.

Dive into every spoonful of White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt, packed with 90 billion CFUs — these tiny but mighty probiotic heroes are all about keeping your gut happy and healthy. They’re not just good for digestion; they’re like a wellness party for your whole body, helping to balance your gut’s ecosystem and support your immune system.

Great for kids' breakfast!

Healthy Gut, Happy Life

At the heart of White Mountain Yogurt is our 24-hour fermentation process, a method meticulously perfected to yield a rich, creamy texture and a distinctively tangy taste.

This slow fermentation not only bolsters the flavor but also makes our yogurt more suitable for those with lactose sensitivities and casein allergies.

It’s the deliberate, natural process that creates a yogurt that’s not just a treat for your palate, but also a supportive ally for gut health.

Chosen by Health Professionals

With White Mountain, you’re not just enjoying yogurt; you’re investing in your health and that’s why White Mountain is trusted by health professionals around the world.

Billions of Probiotics

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